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SQUARED-S is an Artificial Intelligence Investment Solutions provider, founded by Soujit Ghosh and Dr Seth Huang in 2017, combining years of professional trading experience with cutting-edge A.I. research. Squared-S helps Funds and Asset Managers by leveraging off Big Data to provide customised A.I. driven solutions for Asset Allocation, Portfolio Optimization, Investment Strategies and Risk Forecasting.


Asset Allocation

Squared-S utilises it's own A.I. technology, combining data across different asset classes and taking into account your Fund's investment mandate and goals to provide optimal Asset Allocation solutions for your Portfolio.

Portfolio Optimization

Looking for the right risk reward profile for your portfolio? Squared-S has the tools to help you achieve this, by utilising it's proprietary A.I. technology to leverage off Big Data, creating more efficient Portfolio Optimization solutions for your Fund.

Investment Strategies

Squared-S combines experience in implementing successful trading strategies with years of cutting edge A.I. technology and research, resulting in enhanced stand-alone Investment Strategies which can be tailored to be incorporated into your Fund. 

Risk Forecasting

Squared-S has developed it's own multi-factor A.I. model, specifically focused on forecasting volatility, correlation and other parameters, with the goal of providing practical and actionable information for PMs and Risk Managers.

Cloud Deployment With AI

​Deploying a custom tailored on-demand infrastructure powered by different Squared-S AI tools.

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Soujit Ghosh

Co-Founder &

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Soujit Ghosh is a British Indian entrepreneur and investment professional with over 17 years of experience working in the global financial markets.  He has had a successful career in Derivatives Trading, working at top investment banks such as Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan in London, New York and Hong Kong, and has profitably risk managed multi-billion dollar derivatives portfolios.  He has pioneered new products in the world of Equity Derivatives, including trading the first ever ‘Realized-Correlation Swap’ to be executed on the Inter-Dealer Broker market in London.  Prior to launching ‘Squared-S’ with Seth, he was Head of Derivatives Business at Korea Investment Securities in Seoul.  Soujit has a passion for team-work, excellence and problem solving, and he speaks several languages including Chinese (Cantonese), Bengali and Spanish.  Soujit graduated top of his college with a degree in Chemical Engineering from Cambridge University, and he also has a Masters degree in Statistics from Harvard. 


Dr. Seth Huang

Co-Founder &

Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CAIO)

Dr. Seth Huang is a Taiwanese American investor, entrepreneur and educator. He started coding and building machine learning solutions in college. Upon receiving his PhD in Economics from Cornell University, he began exploring support vector machine, random forest and artificial neural network, which led to his pursuit in applying various ML methodologies to finance.  He also has worked tirelessly in financial technology research and advised financial conglomerates in the commercialization of existing technologies in finance. Dr. Seth Huang has worked and taught as a fund manager and a professor in New York, Europe, Seoul, Shanghai and Hong Kong.  Over the last several years, he has dedicated his life to Artificial Intelligence research and its use in asset management. He has built several AI systems in finance and given presentations on Artificial Intelligence in finance at MIT, Harvard, and at various investor conferences around the world. Currently he has 8 patents pending on his AI systems covering United States, China/HK, South Korea and Taiwan.


Rachid Ait Seddik

Machine Learning System Architect 

Rachid Ait Seddik is a Moroccan machine learning system scientist and entrepreneur, focusing on combining algorithmic trading and machine learning in asset management. He currently has 8 patents pending on AI systems co-owned with Dr. Seth Huang. Rachid has always been passionate about computer science since a young age and graduated top of his class with a Masters in Software Development from the elite institution Ecole Nationale des Mines de Rabat. He worked as a senior software developer for CGI specializing in full-scale tech system developments. Later he received his MBA and graduated first of his class from KAIST, a top engineering institution in South Korea, during which he obtained twice the dean’s high honor. Ever since graduation, Mr. Seddik has been a pioneer in crafting a seamless machine learning process and application to better the global financial industry. 



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