Asset Allocation

Squared-S utilises it's own A.I. technology, combining data across different asset classes and taking into account your Fund's investment mandate and goals to provide optimal Asset Allocation solutions for your Portfolio.

Portfolio Optimization

Looking for the right risk reward profile for your portfolio? Squared-S has the tools to help you achieve this, by utilising it's proprietary A.I. technology to leverage off Big Data, creating more efficient Portfolio Optimization solutions for your Fund.

Investment Strategies

Squared-S combines experience in implementing successful trading strategies with years of cutting edge A.I. technology and research, resulting in enhanced stand-alone Investment Strategies which can be tailored to be incorporated into your Fund. 

Risk Forecasting

Squared-S has developed it's own multi-factor A.I. model, specifically focused on forecasting volatility, correlation and other parameters, with the goal of providing practical and actionable information for PMs and Risk Managers.

Cloud Deployment With AI

​Deploying a custom tailored on-demand infrastructure powered by different Squared-S AI tools.

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