Portfolio Optimization

Squared-S utilises it's own Patented A.I. technology, combining data across different asset classes and taking into account the Client's investment mandate and goals to provide optimal, outperforming traditional Portfolio Management methods.

Sentiment Analysis

Squared-S uses cutting edge Natural Language Processing combined with Knowledge Graph technology, in order to provide value added Sentiment Analysis for Stocks, Sectors, Regions, and across Asset Classes

Credit Assessment

Squared-S uses cutting edge techniques in Deep Learning to provide Default Risk Analysis and automated Ratings Assessment for Credit linked products ranging from Corporate Bonds to Consumer Loans

Risk Forecasting

Squared-S has developed it's Patented A.I. model, specifically focused on forecasting financial market volatility, correlation and other parameters, with the goal of providing practical and actionable information for Financial Institutions and Corporates

Cloud Deployment With A.I.

SQUARED-S A.I. Platform (SXS) has Big Data and Post A.I. Analytics centralized to an SQL database, designed to tap the power of cloud computing, compatible with AWS / Ali-Cloud / MS Azure

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