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Soujit Ghosh
Seth Huang, PhD

Rachid Ait Seddik

Co- Founder

17 years of Global Financial Markets trading expertise

Former Goldman Sachs & JPMorgan Derivatives Trader

Master in Statistics, Harvard &

MA in Engineering,

Cambridge University


Co- Founder

10+ years of A.I. research and fund management in finance


Product architect with 

6-patents on A.I. predictive system


Associate professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


PhD in Financial Economics, Cornell University

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Chief Technology Officer

8 years of enterprise software development experience


Senior software developer at CGI


MBA, KAIST, MA, École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Rabat

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Victor Paraschiv

Tim Summers, PhD

Dekai Wu, PhD 

Chief Data Scientist

10 years in Investment Banking as quantitative strategist, developer and analyst at several large quant funds


Former Credit Suisse & Barclays 


BA, MA, PhD in Engineering, Cambridge University

A.I. Adviser and Technology Partner

Professor of Computer Science, HKUST


Developed A.I. algorithms for machine translation and served as a foundation for

Google Translate


PhD in Computer Science, Berkley

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Professor Paul Choi



16 Years of Project Implementation experience



Worked on 3 continents for many Top tier banks including HSBC, BNP


Master in Business and Management, ICHEC

Expert in incorporating information asymmetry to understanding asset prices.

BA in economics, Yonsei.  AM in statistics, Harvard.  PhD in financial economics, Cornell University.

Faculty:Ewha School of Business (current), Cornell (Fulbright Scholar), Harvard, and SUNY Binghamton.

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